14 Dec

When you grow up in Catalonia, you assume that hitting a log so that it poops candy is the normal thing to do in the holidays, and then you find out that this whole pooping thing is always on the list of weirdest holiday traditions ever. So yes, we have nice smiling logs, with a […]

22 Nov

There’s this amazing Catalan tradition called the human towers or Castells. As you may have guessed, it consists in the assembling and disassembling of human towers. It requires strength, skill, balance, courage and huge amounts of teamwork, like if everyone on a human tower was a Gryffindor. Today, the biggest human tower ever has been […]

1 Sep

One of the most endearing things about Back to the Future is that its creators and the people involved in the project, including Michael J. Fox, had no idea that they were creating something so tremendous and colossal as this film. In fact, when you think about it, you know that it couldn’t be otherwise: they had a script that run like clockwork, wonderful performances, a direction that made almost every shot a masterpiece, and an excellent soundtrack. If you add a little bit of magic, then you have one of the most captivating films ever, so huge that it is much more than a great film. It is extraordinary, sublime, epic. Okay, It’s clear that I love Back to the Future, right?

29 Jun

More accurately: can we stop blaming facebook, or TV, or whatever? You are correct. I am NOT a huge fan of the video above. I mean, yes, it makes you think and all, but come on, this guy has a mammoth problem and it has little to do with his facebook account.

25 Jun

College Humor is now Black Mirror or what? Because this I dare you to watch this video seems pretty serious to me.

24 Jun

I frequently avoid branded content. It’s like “yeah yeah, you are trying to sell me something, good luck with that”. But what happens when branded content is not a list of compliments but an elegant piece of good, sensitive and relevant content? What! You don’t believe such a thing exists? Yes, it does. Take a look at Women Inmates: Why the Male Model Doesn’t Work, and cry a little.

23 Jun

Yes, this is another post about WordPress plugins that are so absolutely, completely, utterly and totally necessary for your WordPress happiness, that the obvious question is: why don’t they come with the basic WordPress installation?

20 Jun

The video above explains pretty well what Powtoon is, right?. Bottom line: you don’t want to keep sending everyone to sleep with your boring presentations. No, you want to thrive, you want to be the talk of the office, the one that everyone calls “the presentation whisperer”. Flash news: Powtoon can help you, but you must know: it’s you who make boring or cool presentations, not the tool you use.

19 Jun

The main concept of Streak is amazingly simple: Gmail already is one of our primary day-to-day tools (if not the one), am I right?. So, why don’t we use it to manage projects and customers, to track bugs, or even to plan our vacation? Streak allows us to do all that without leaving gmail, and for free (well, ish).

13 Jun

If you have managed projects, especially digital projects, perhaps you know well this kabaragoya feeling, like when you believe you are Leo DiCaprio in the very stern of the Titanic enjoying the moment because you are the king of your project and you are going fast, and secure and nothing bad can happen… Come on! What can happen? You are in the freaking Titanic, right??? Ahaaaa. Yes, that kabaragoya thing.